Best Computer Accessories You Can Get

computer mouse and headset

1) Steel Series QcK Heavy

The Qck has always made its name in terms of premium quality computer accessories. Its new heavy mouse pad is an extra thick pad with a rubber base and a smooth cloth surface like many other products. It is one of the most decently priced when it comes to their nice cloth finish. This is specially made for fast gamers of the FPS and action variation. The thickness helps in eliminating problems caused by uneven surfaces. For all those people who prefer smooth and sift surfaces, this is the best mouse pad. What makes it friendly for everyone is that it comes with variations that are compatible with jaw-dropping graphics.

What are the problems located is that it is not ideal for esports and high DPI? It is a micro woven cloth that is machine wash friendly. Thus, one can play easily without any worry of getting dirty. This would also make your sports betting via UFABET a lot easier. 

2) ROCCAT Alumic

Roccat has been modelled and shaped into one of the most versatile mouse pad one can come across. With its speed and control surface, it can be compared to high-end models like Vespula. It comes with a gel wrist rest that is separate from the mouse pad. This is for the wrist to perfectly fit into the shape of the mat so that gamers can play as if the mouse pad is part of one’s own body. The wrist fits into the mouse pad like a piece of a puzzle. The Roccat allows the gamers to have the best kind of experience and get both of the world’s ergonomics and surface texture. Inbuilt aluminium core, this mouse pad is built to last.

One of the cons of this mouse pad is that it is very heavy for some people and wears down mouse feet. Except for these, it is a very good pad and can be used by gaming experts.

3) Razer Goliathus

Razer has been known for its mats and pads. They provide the best surface mouse laptop products on the market. They are the real creators of the mouse pad who believe in every detail and make their products with a personal touch of perfection. They come in two different variations, one for speed and the other for control. Thus, the control mat surface is heavily textured and weaved, while sped mat utilizes a slick look.

The only issue that some people face is the odour and difficulty in cleaning due to many technical accessories. It comes in all kind of sizes from small, medium, large and extended to people’s comfort.

4) Razer firefly Chroma

Coming on our list for the third time. It is no doubt that the company is the best in its class of mousepads. It is a hard mouse and one of the best. It has a micro-textured surface with tiny silver flakes that are touch-sensitive, thus providing the best sensory responsiveness. The mouse is made up of hard plastic, making it a little pricey and not affordable. It’s an all-black design with optimized surface coating and RGB lighting.

However, it is very expensive and can only be afforded by those who play games actively and professionally. Its alignment is not completely flat. Thus, it can be not very pleasant for some in terms of expectations. Overall its premium and provide the best experience in terms of gaming.

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