How to Preserve Your Laptop’s Battery Life

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Laptops provide the freedom and mobility that desktop computers can’t. They allow you to work from anywhere, socialize online from anywhere, and do whatever your computer can do from anywhere. Though this freedom is limited by your laptop’s battery. Most laptop batteries only last for a few hours so when they lose there power it’s game over. So it is important to preserve your laptop battery’s life so you can stay mobile and active on your laptop for as long as possible you can have uninterrupted casino gaming via

One of the many unknown killers of battery life is heat. So avoid leaving your laptop in the car during summer days and overall anything that produces intense heat.

Cleaning the battery contacts on the laptop every once in a while can help prolong your batteries life by optimizing the charging process and helping it go smoother. This can be easily done by pouring some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. Now with the cotton ball softly wipe the battery contacts on the laptop.

Most laptop batteries well give you around 400 to 500 full charges and discharges so it’s a good a idea to take full advantage of each charge so before recharging your battery let the battery fully drain all its power.

Do not leave your laptop in standby mode for extended periods of time this can drain your battery life extremely fast leaving you with a 30 minute battery life. A better alternative to standby is hibernation. Hibernation well save just as much power and well save your laptops state as it is.

In Windows go to your “Control Panel” then to “Power Options”. Optimize your power options to what Windows recommends.

On your laptop’s screen dim the lights. This is an easy method to preserve battery life, but an highly effective one.

Even when you have your laptop plugged into a power source and don’t want to charge your battery, keep the battery in it’s compartment.

Though if you do end up taking your battery out and want to store it. Store it in a dry and cool place. Like I said before heat is a batteries worst enemy.


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Tips for Extending Your Laptop’s Battery Life