Choose The Right Pillowcase For Your

Pillowcases can be made from different materials. For decorative purposes, you can use a back closure pillowcase. Back closure pillowcases are usually made from decorative fabric and can be easily hidden behind the pillow. The envelope closure pillowcase is unique in that it completely covers the pillow. This pillowcase is more visually appealing than the back closure. To have extra shopping money for home improvements, you might want to consider playing some fun sports betting games via


A cotton pillowcase gives the sleeper a crisp, clean feel. It is a natural fiber and is easy to care for. Cotton is also breathable and comfortable, making it ideal for both summer and winter seasons. You should consider the size of the pillowcase and the thread count to ensure you get the perfect cotton pillowcase. For easy access to your pillowcase, you can also opt for an envelope-closure design.


Silk pillowcases from have many benefits. They are able to keep your hair soft and shiny, and reduce hair fallout. Silk pillowcases also prevent hair breakage by reducing friction. They prevent dry skin and bedhead. They promote healthy, vibrant skin as well as preventing wrinkles. These features make silk pillowcases an excellent gift option.


Percale pillowscases are very inexpensive. A set of four can be bought for $75-150 and includes a flat and fitted sheet. An optional top sheet can be purchased for a little more. Percale sheet sets are also easy to clean, and are often machine washable. They should be laundered every seven to 10 days. This is a great way of saving money while still being comfortable.


Sateen pillowcases are made from silky material that feels luxurious against your skin and hair. They are made from a special material called CleanBamboo, which is environmentally friendly, and provides a restful night’s sleep.


Cultiver pillowcases are 100% linen, made with French Flax and pre-washed to make them super-soft. They are available in all colors and come in a pair with an envelope closure at the back.

Euro sham

A typical Euro sham pillowcase will cover a standard pillow. The euro sham pillowcase will not only cover a standard pillow, but it is also extremely decorative. To fool the eye, the fabric is overlaid at the back so that the pillow looks completely different. These pillowcases are perfect accent pieces to bring style to any bedroom or living room.

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