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Generally, women are more concerned about themselves and their accessories than men but never lag in the wallet. Men are very peculiar and concerned about their wallets as it is one of the most popular accessories of men. Apart from being just an accessory and a treasure to keep the money, it is also a style statement. The wallet also reflects one’s standard and is an extension of a rich persona.

Nowadays, when it comes to wallets, different people have different preferences. Some might spend hundreds of dollars just on their wallet, while some prefer cheap ones because they think the sole purpose of a wallet is to keep money and so why spend so much penny on it?

Some people wish to use their wallets for several years but for their wallets to have a long life and stand all the punishments they are going to give it, and they should make sure of its quality- Better the Quality, Longer the Lifespan.

There is a vast range of wallets, and so are their different prices. And it’s equally astounding that some people spend $600-$700 on just a wallet while for some, their high costs would knock their socks off! These will come in handy when you try to cash out your winnings via

But these some of the most expensive wallets don’t just have inflated prices but have fantastic features which make them worth their cost.

Dunhill Biometric Wallet-

Dunhill Biometric Wallet – well, you can call it the most expensive wallet costing $825.

Its price makes us wonder what’s special about it, but this wallet is a blend of Style and Technology.

It is made from carbon fibre with a leather interior which makes it light but durable and hard to break. This wallet incorporates several features which most wallets usually don’t.

It features RFID Technology with fingerprint sensors which make its locking mechanism unbreakable as it could be opened only by the owner. It has Bluetooth in it, so if you lose it or someone steals it, an alarm will go off and help find the miscreants. It also gives time to the owner to lock his cards and change the passwords. That’s the very reason why Dunhill states it as “Visually Indestructible”.

So although it is the most expensive wallet, it is worth the price.

Louis Vuitton Wallet-

Louis Vuitton Malletier, or shortened to LV, is one of the world’s most valuable brand, and its product is looked upon as a status symbol. Although its wallets are expensive yet they are always on the wish list of fashion lovers.

Virat Kohli, the star cricketer who is not only known for his boundaries but also his fashion sixers, owns a Louis Vuitton Wallet. Kohli owns Louis Vuitton Zippy XL Wallet costing $1250 or roughly 81,144/-.

Hermes Wallets-

Hermes wallets are the most fashionable wallets. It’s a pride to own Hermes wallets with meticulously crafted gems with carefully chosen lavish leather. Its wallets have classic designs and are simply beautiful. It’s not just good, but it’s in the list of ‘Best’, and so it also comes in the list of the most expensive wallets.

Say, the latest price of Hermes Kellis Wallet costs $3375 to $3550, and Hermes constant wallet costs about $4525 to $6250.

Apart from these, Italian fashion brands ‘Gucci’ and ‘Bottega Veneta’, known for their fashion and leather goods, also have their wallets included in the list of the most expensive wallets.

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