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Fast System Washer

Fast System Washer is a useful and easy to use program for fast cleaning up the history of your activities (online and offline) on a computer. Even though some of the tasks can be performed manually, Fast System Washer can automate and speed up this process for you. If you want to remove cookies, delete cache files, erase external applications history or erase the visited URL’s history, Fast System Washer is the tool for you. This would also help you your favorite sports betting games via more smoothly.

Main Features of Our Computer Clean Up Tool:

Cleaning History of your internet activities:

  • Erase Temporary Internet Files [Cache]
  • Erase Internet Browser Cookies
  • Erase Visited URL’s History
  • Erase Address Bar
  • Erase Downloaded Program Files
  • Erase Auto Complete Forms
  • Support Internet Explorer & MSN, Opera browsers
  • Offer clean items preview reports
  • Offer Task Scheduler

Cleaning History of your offline activities on a computer

  • Erase Windows Recycle Bin
  • Erase Windows Temporary Files
  • Erase Recently Opened documents list
  • Erase Windows Run History
  • Erase Mapped Network Drives History
  • Erase Windows Clipboard Data
  • Erase Custom defined files list with mask
  • Microsoft Windows 98/NT/ ME/2000/XP/NT2003
  • Erase History and Log files of more than 30 external applications

Fast System Washer features:

  • Recovered Disk Space Report
    -Allows you to view recovered disk space data by default and/or custom item
  • Scheduler
    – Allow to schedule automatic items cleaning at specified time intervals
  • Custom items list
    – Allows you to add custom files list to be deleted on the specified volume or directory
  • Plugin Manager
    – Allows you to manage external applications plugins collection
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