Smartphones for Smart Parents

Mother & child sitting on couch

It’s no secret that we’re living in a digital age. Technology keeps advancing and making life easier for those who choose to take advantage of it. When my husband first got our smartphones, I really didn’t understand the hype. “Why do we need phones with all of these functions?” I thought to myself, all I wanted to do was make and receive calls, but as my life became more complicated, I realized what a blessing having such technology at my fingertips really could be, especially when it comes to parenting.

In addition to being a fulltime mother of 2 (soon to be 3), I’m a fulltime college student and I also work a fulltime job. On my freetime, i play simple and interactive betting games at 먹튀. With everything that I have on my plate, it sometimes gets difficult to keep up with things. I would write down the date and times of doctor’s appointments for my kids and forget where I had placed them, I was constantly running late for everything, and life in general had just become a little chaotic. “Use your smartphone,” my husband would say, until one day I took his advice. 

I began storing important information in the daily planner app that had come with my phone rather than trying to write it all down and keep up with it. In addition to being able to just turn on my phone and see when my children had appointments and such, my phone also has an alarm that goes off an hour before I have something to do or somewhere to be to keep me from forgetting.

I’m also able to use my cell phone to keep track of my oldest son’s school lunch account. I was uncomfortable with the idea of having him take money to school with him for lunch, fearing that he might misplace it. I discovered that his school participates in something called “café prepay,” which allows parents to go on the internet, access their child’s lunch account, and add money to it using a debit card. Now I can check my phone periodically to make sure that my son has enough money for lunch, and if he doesn’t, I can whip out my bank card and add money wherever I am. This function can also be used to pay for school pictures and field trips.

My smartphone has also been a blessing by keeping my children entertained in public. When I’m out with them and we encounter a long wait they sometimes become restless. Restlessness occasionally leads to misbehavior, which leads to additional stress for me. My husband downloaded a few learning games on our phones such as virtual puzzles, and games to teach children their colors, shapes, and numbers. Now when we experience a long wait instead of misbehaving out of boredom, my kids have games to not only keep them busy, but that also help them learn.

Initially, I was opposed to the idea of having cell phones that perform numerous tasks. I saw it as just another way for the cell phone companies to make money, but after giving it a chance I realized that having such amazing technology on such a small device really does make life easier, especially when you have kids.

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