10 Ways to Extend Your Laptop’s Battery Life

Laptop on a table

Laptops can be quite useful and the fact that you can easily carry them with you anywhere you go is certainly a plus. The only downside of having a laptop is that there are not always power outlets wherever you go. Keeping your laptop battery going for as long as possible is important in order to get your work done on your computer before the battery dies. Use the following tips in order to extend your laptops battery life. WIth your extended battery life, คลิกที่นี่ to earn money by playing interactive betting games.

Tip One – Dim Your Screen

The majority of laptops come with a feature that allows you to dim your screen. Dim your screen as low as you can, but still allow yourself enough light in order to see the screen without straining.

Tip Two – Decrease External Devices

Many USB devices, such as your mouse, and WiFi can seriously drain your battery life. When these are not in use, shut them down to save power.

Tip Three – Defrag Regularly

Defragmenting your laptop will help your hard drive run faster. The faster your hard drive is working, the less power you will be taking from the battery. Be sure not to defrag your computer while your computer is on battery life.

Tip Four – Close Background Programs

Close any programs or software that you are not currently using. Music players, desktop search and other programs can slow down your computer and cut down your battery life.

Tip Five – Add RAM

When you add RAM to your laptop, your computer is using virtual memory. Virtual memory uses much less power.

Tip Six – Keep the Battery Clean

You can clean your battery regularly by wiping the metal contacts on the back of the battery with a cloth that has a little rubbing alcohol on it. This will help to keep the transfer of power in your laptop’s battery more efficient.

Tip Seven – Hibernate

When your laptop is not in use, be sure to put it in hibernate mode, not standby. Standby mode saves power but hibernate mode saves much more. When hibernating your computer, the state of the desktop is saved but it completely shuts down.

Tip Eight – Optimize

Your laptop will work much more efficiently when it is cool. Cleaning out the air vents can help to keep your laptop cooler.

Tip Nine – Avoid Multi-Tasking

Working on various tasks at the same time can completely drain your batteries power. Close background programs and try to work in one program at a time.

Tip Ten – Efficient Laptop

Newer laptops hold power much better than older laptops. Consider getting a newer computer that keeps the battery life much longer.

Using the tips above, you can save your batteries life for a much longer period of time. Of course, you will need to charge your battery up daily if it is being used frequently. Be sure to start the charge before the battery completely dies to keep it working efficiently.

Laptop on a table

Tips for Extending Your Laptop’s Battery Life

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