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Photo Pos Pro is a free photo editing program that allows the user to do many of the same things that Adobe Photo Shop does. Currently, this software is free, although the developers are open to receiving donations to keep it free. And to help support your hobby, which could be expensive, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via eljoystick.

I have been using this software for about a month. Some of the tools include:

1) Red eye removal tool
2) Cloning tool
3) Select Tool (in rectangular and free form shape)
4) Paint Brush
5) Flood Fill
6) Super Magic Brushl (This tool repairs, removes and/or hides small and unwanted areas in the picture, remove scratches from pictures and more).
7) Text
8) Text Over Path
9) Refiner
10) Eraser
11) Custom Eraser
12) Crop

One problem with it is that it seems to make my computer page in and out of memory quite a bit, but that is true of most graphics programs (which is why you need a good graphics card if you are doing a lot of graphic work).

The text tool is not as intuitive as I would like it to be– I haven’t figured it out yet. When I try to put text over an image, the text reverts back to the default size, if I decide that I don’t like where I have positioned the text. And, it never seems like I can get it positioned exactly where I want it.

Photo Pos Pro’s Menu Options include–File, Edit, View, Image, Colors, Filters, Effects, Layers & Objects, Selections, Tools, Windows, Free Stuff, and Help.

All in all, for a free program, it is pretty good.

Check out the pictures to show examples of what the program can do. One is a picture of a cat. In the first image, he has matter in his eyes. In the second picture, the matter has been removed with the Clone tool in Photo Pos Pro.

The next set of pictures shows an antique pillow with just the edge of a purple printed pillow resting against it. With the cropping tool, the purple pillow has been removed, and the images in the middle made clearer. Also, a frame has been added.

If you ever wanted to see what you would look like with a different eye color, Photo Pos Pro gives a tutorial at this link on how to do that–;=48

This is one of the most downloaded and highly rated photo editors at CNet.Com. And once you download it, all kinds of freebie are offered to go with it at

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